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QRIS Static

QRIS, or Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard, is a payment standard that utilizes QR code technology established by Bank Indonesia. It aims to simplify and expedite transactions using QR codes while ensuring security.

QRIS Statis Benefit

Why Should

Registering for QRIS Statis

Effective transaction and efficient

Transactions become more effective and efficient to reduce queue time.

Flexible with lots e-wallet

QRIS can be accepted by all e-wallets from various payment methods with a maximum payment of IDR 2,000,000 per transaction.

Mitigate your own risk

Payment application providers can set daily and/or monthly cumulative nominal limits for QRIS transactions made by each QRIS user, set according to user risk mitigation.

QRIS Statis Cost Incurred

Should know before you onboarding

Cost incurred

MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) have been aggred

QRIS Statis Requirement

What you should prepared to

Become a BRI Merchant

Create BRI Account

Fill the form that provides

Having Personal Identity (KTP & Phone Number) and Business Owner's Identification (KTP, NPWP, SIUP/TDP, and Articles of Association & Business Completeness)