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Kenapa harus Jadi Merchant BRI

Why Should

Become BRI Merchant

BRI Merchant Onboarding is a solution for Business People, so would be become a BRI Merchant within Online and Getting benefits that offer

Convinence Transaction

Can be used by all online merchants. both those who already have their own website, and those who don't (Payment Link).

Improve a Circulation

Merchant financial circulation will increase, that is because merchants can serve cash all transactions by becoming a BRI Merchant

Increase Compeitivenes

Increase the competitiveness of merchants with merchants around them. Because it can serve non-cash transactions, without taking care of cash change

Accepting all Transaction

Accept all types of card payments, MasterCard & Visa, Credit, Debit, Private label BRI (GPN) and BRIzzi Card , QRIS and Online Payments

List Product

Various Product

BRI Merchant on Boarding

EDC: Card swipe machine that is able to use for accept payment transactions by the credit card, debit card and prepaid card that placed at merchant make easy, fast and secure.

EDC + QRIS Dynamic


QRIS, which stands for Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard, is a standardization of payment using the QR Code method by Bank Indonesia to make QR Code transactions easier, faster, and more secure.

QRIS Static


Online Acquiring is a one transaction method expectation by online using number by debit card and credit card (card not present) well as bank BRI as well as another bank more easy, fast and secure.

Online Acquiring BRI


Become BRI Merchant

Become BRI Merchant

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