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Online Acquiring BRI

Online acquiring is a method of accepting online transactions using debit and credit card numbers (card not present) from both BRI and other banks.

Online Acquiring BRI Benefit

Why Should

Become a BRI Online Acquiring Merchant

All types of Card

Accept all types of Card payments BRI Debit Card and BRI Credit Card (Master & Visa).

H+1 Payment

Payment is made D+1 after the settlement process is carried out by the merchant including holidays

Increase amount of Transaction

Increase the number of merchant transactions, because merchants can serve transactions using the card

Increase Competitivenes

Increase the competitiveness of merchants with merchants around them Because it can serve non-cash transactions, without taking care of cash change

Improve a Circulation

Merchant financial circulation will increase, that is because merchants can serve cash all transactions by becoming a BRI Merchant

Minimize Handling Cost

The cost of handling the cash is down because payment transactions directly into merchant account number

Convenience of Transaction

Can be used by all online merchants. both those who already have their website, and those who don't (Payment Link).

Secure the transaction

Can secure the transaction because equipped with CVV, OTP, and SDS

Payment Gateway and Engine

cooperate by 13 payment gateways and 2 trustworthy payment machines.

Online Acquiring BRI Cost Incurred

Should know before you onboarding

Cost incurred

MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) have been aggred

Online Acquiring BRI Requirement

What should you prepared to

Become a BRI Merchant

Create BRI Account

FIll the form that provides

Have an Identity as the owner of the store (KTP, NPWP, SIUP, and Deed of incorporation).